PT. Tresnamuda Sejati


Corporate Overview

PT. Tresnamuda Sejati (TMS Lines)  was established in 1986 in Jakarta. Expanded steadly and now has 9 branch offices in Indonesia main city which are : Surabaya, Semarang, Banten, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Bitung, Medan, Panjang and Bandung.
Board of Director :
Managing Director          :  Mr. David V. Lengkong
Finance Director             :  Mrs. Emmy Wijaya
Opr & Commercial Dir     :  Mr. Ir. Hendrik Lengkong, M.Sc
Fleet Director                 :  Mr. Capt. Lengkong M.J

PT. Tresnamuda Sejati was established in January 1986 in Jakarta, acting as agent for “Thong Soon Lines” Singapore deploying feeder vessel to / from Jakarta and Singapore on a weekly services.
In 1989 we established our Surabaya office concurrently inaugurating the Thong Soon Lines new feeder services on a weekly sailing to Singapore “Thong Soon Lines” beside acting as Jakarta / Surabaya – Singapore feeder service, also accept COC cargo to major South East Asia Ports like Singapore, Bangkok, East & West Malaysia, Brunei, Camboja, India, and Papua New Guinea.
In 1991 Wan Hai Lines appointed PT. Tresnamuda Sejati as their agent in Jakarta & Surabaya for their direct vessel call to Far East (Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, Philipines, Japan, and PRC).
In 1993 up to 1996 with the support of Wan Hai Lines, TMS Lines penetrate into Indonesia outer ports to Semarang, Makassar (Ujung Pandang), Banjarmasin and Panjang – Bandar Lampung. Presently Wan Hai Lines deploy 10 vessels calling direct to Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya to Hongkong, Tauwan, and Japan ports with two sailing per week named Kanto Jawa & Java Super Serice (deploying 10 vessels 1200 teus capacity).
In 1992 PT. Tresnamuda Sejati set up a forwarding arm PT. Jameson Freight Semesta as agent for Jardine Freight Services.
In 1993 with the good performance of the forwarding business, Jardine Starline management appointed our forwarding company as their Indonesia agent for the New Myanmar Services.
Nantai Lines Taiwan appointed PT. Tresnamuda Sejati as their Indonesia agent in 1993 for their South Africa and Northern Japan Service. Nantai Lines with TMS Lines as their agent able to secure 50 % market share of South Africa and 60% market share of Tomakomai shipment to / from Indonesia.
Sasia Express Line owners of spielthoff’s Bevrachtingskantoor BV (Holland) appoint PT. Tresnamuda Sejati in 1996 as their Indonesia agent for Manuas (Brasil) Services.
Beside containerize vessel, PT. Tresnamuda Sejati also agent for breakbulk vessel owner for :
1. Kee Yee Maritime (Taiwan)
2. Ocean Horizon (UK)
3. Holwerda BV (Holland)
Handling breakbulk shipments to / from Indonesia, Taiwan. China, and Europa.
PT. Tresnamuda Sejati also set up another shipping company PT. Samudra Daka Lines for ship agencies and local interisland vessel operator and cargo services.
PT. Tresnamuda Sejati has an inhouse EDP Computer shop catering for its own inhouse needs. Creating in our own programs suitable for shipping (software) and hardware equipment. All departement’s from marketing, documentation, inventory, finance, fleet and operations of vessel is computerized since 1992.
PT. Tresnamuda Sejati is expected to continue to grow from years to years and plan to have branches in all over main Indonesia port to cater the Indonesia export market needs. With the strong experience and support of experiences staff, the management of PT. Tresnamud Sejati believe will be one of the leading shipping company in Indonesia.